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The Bolney Stage, Bolney

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Bolney Stage - Bolney

LocAleBolney Stage sign - Bolney
Address: London Road


Haywards Heath

West Sussex

 RH17 5RL

Telephone: 01444 881200

Owner: Restaurant Group/Brunning & Price
Tenant / Lessee:  Home Counties Pub Restaurants
Landlord: Barry
Real Ale: Yes
Real Cider/Perry: Cider
Free House: Yes
Website: Yes
Facebook: No



















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Bolney Stage old sign - Bolney

Old Sign

Dates from 1500 - originally Ford’s Farm.

Tudor Tea Rooms.
Became the Bolney Stage in the 1960’s.
Blubeckers - 2003 - mainly a restaurant but does sell Fullers London Pride on handpump. You can buy a beer without eating.
Home Counties Pub Restaurants 2011.

The Restaurant Group / Brunning & Price.
Venue for the Mid Sussex Car Club

Toby Wood, previous manager, disappeared about three months ago Nov/2011

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